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The Nuts Keep Rolling

Hazel Nut wants her family to sing and dance along with her, but they are just too busy! Who can she call? Why...her super-hip, disco-dancing Grandma Nut! The second book of the Nuts series.

The Nuts: Keep Rolling!
By Eric Litwin

Nut Roll. 

Young Hazel and Wally Nut discover a path of squishy, slippery mud and turn it into their own mudslide. What could go wrong? Before long, their playtime roll down a muddy hill turns into a nutty chase and they get covered in so much muck they become mistaken for cats, dogs and get bigger... and bigger... until they're big as ELEPHANTS! Will they find their way back to their normal size and their Nut House home? My buddy and author Eric Litwin offers an upbeat message: when you're in trouble, just keep rolling. Like the other books in this series, The Nuts Keep Rolling has a song and dance to accompany the text that will get your muddy toes tapping. Roll down to your local library or bookstore with your little readers—and pick up a copy of The Nuts Keep Rolling before your name is mud!

You can read more about the Nut family at their very own website. Also, be sure to check out the other books in this three-book series, Bedtime at the Nuthouse and Sing and Dance in Your Polka Dot Pants.

The Nuts Keep Rolling is published by Little, Brown Books for Young ReadersFind this book at your library, Amazon, B&N or your local independent bookstore via IndieBound.

The Nuts Keep Rolling

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Here are some sketches I created while working on The Nuts Keep Rolling.