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Otto The Boy Who Loved Cars

But above all places and things (and even most people) Otto loved cars.

But above all places and things (and even most people) Otto loved cars.

Otto: The boy who loved cars
By Kara LaReau

Shift Your Perception

Otto loves cars more than anything else in the world. But that begins to change when he awakes one morning to find that he has somehow turned into a car. Otto soon realizes that there is a downside to actually becoming his favorite thing. Will Otto ever be able to switch gears and go back to being a boy?

Written by Kara and illustrated by me — the pit crew who brought you the fin-tastic Ugly Fish and perennial favorite, Rabbit & Squirrel — Otto is more than a routine traffic stop, it’s life in the fast lane!

Also available to read on iPadKindle or Nook apps and devices.


“Otto, as is only fitting, is in love with autos—obnoxiously so. He's even a little bullying about the topic. No food unless it can be referenced to cars, no playing in the school playground unless is has to do with cars. As for a bedtime story: “I don’t want to hear it unless it’s about cars.” . . . LaReau plays the obsessive card closely and well: Otto is selfish in his obsession, but, on a note of hope, he is capable of change when the time is right. It helps that Magoon’s elastic, cartoony artwork can easily shift from little devil to little boy in a flash. Maybe monomaniacal preschool readers will take the hint, too.” —Kirkus Reviews

Otto: The boy who loved cars

Behind the Scenes

Here are some sketches I created while working on Otto...:

On the Road