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Chopsticks talks with members of his cabinet.

Chopsticks talks with members of his cabinet.

By Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Let's Stick Together

Chopsticks for me was a blast to illustrate. I loved returning to the utensil characters we grew to love in Spoon—but I also liked drawing the simple but striking shapes of chopsticks on a page. This story is a classic-coming-of age tale about working together but also learning how to stand on your own. Written by the brilliant Amy Krouse Rosenthal (Plant a Kiss, Little Pea, Duck Rabbit).

Chopsticks is published by Disney Hyperion.

Find this book at your library, Amazon, B&N or your local independent bookstore via IndieBound.


“This companion to the well-loved Spoon (2009) is equally charming.” —Kirkus Reviews

The perfect book
for twins? 


Looking for some Chopsticks fun you can print and use at home? Here's a maze and a pairing quiz. Hours of fun! 



Drink it in February 4, 2020. More soon.


Signed fine art print for sale


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Author Amy Krouse Rosenthal Answers some chopsticky questions: