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Working every day for young readers

A native New Englandah, I've been designing, writing and illustrating books for young readers since 2003. Why do I make books? I love putting words and pictures together for kids. I was a voracious young reader myself in the 1970s, which is, frustratingly, longer ago each time I recollect it! I like to remind myself what it was like to experience books as a child and so I read to my two sons and to students on visits to schools.

In my spare time I like running, skiing, tennis and snorkeling. I love music. I sing, play flute and harmonica. I was in my school concert and marching bands from 5th-12th grades. Jazz is my favorite music to listen to when I draw but I also listen to audiobooks and podcasts.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my books and keep in touch. Please write me, I'd love to hear from you. Subscribe to my newsletter. Or, check out my studio while you're here. Here’s a recent profile of me you might like to read. Or listen to a podcast interview here. And lastly: remember, as Gene Weingarten once said, “always try to put the funniest word at the end of your sentence underpants.” 

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Its All Good

My picture books? Some are edgy, others funny, or maybe take on serious topics difficult to face. But all of them have a singular core message: hope that all will be well.


Quality Books

Written by some of today's best-loved authors and produced by the finest publishers and printers across the globe—my books will hold up against the re-reads of the toughest readers: kids.

Getting out there

I love visiting schools and libraries! I live in Massachusetts so most of my visits are in New England—but I'm mobile. I am available to Skype with classrooms, too. Visit my school visits page for more information.